About enor HOME

enor HOME is a danish company, we are driven and passionate about timeless and unique Scandinavian design, created with sustainability for our nature and the people we work with.
Named after Ellynor, Enor is a tribute to an aesthetic family heritage with a strong tradition of perfectionism, quality and sustainability.
our competence is timeless furniture and accessories in high quality with a focus on sustainability and easy delivery from our warehouse to your home.
Customer satisfaction is our heart in the company, we always put our very best effort to give the best support and help to our customers.
We have a commitment together with our productions and partners that everything we do it’s with the mind of sustainability. This is a multifaceted matter with each facet presenting a different challenge for the future, we have to understand each one of them to commit ourselves fully, so we can make the biggest contribution from an environment point in terms of saving energy and pollution reduction.
Much humility is necessary in order to learn and in order to study across culture.
Our wood & rattan collections has a FLEGT license, this ensure that the wood and rattan are from state-owned plantations, meaning the wood is grown for production purposes and every time a tree are cut down, a new one will be planted.