A bookcase or a display cabinet are what sets your home apart from the neighbors. They are filled with your personal books and pictures. It is made and build with all your stuff which all represents a specific memory. A distinctive feature of you and the people you might live with. Often you will find that a big part of these items is of a smaller size. Therefor you will need a beautiful spot to place them. Oak bookcases and display oak cabinets is just what you need.  With a modern bookcase or a display oak cabinet you have given yourself the perfect spot to place your smaller things, such as books, picture frames and knick-knack. There is no doubt that furniture such as a large bookshelf, a mini bookshelf or maybe a display oak cabinet will beautify any room. Read more.

Designer bookshelves and display cabinets for every room

In a house all the rooms are different. In order to complete the specific style and arrangement of each room you should be very thorough when choosing the furniture for the rooms. The same applies when you are looking for a bookshelf or display oak cabinet. If you have a small living room of a smaller size, then you should maybe choose a shallow oak bookcase when searching for a place to put your books. A narrow tall oak bookcase can be placed as good as everywhere. Even if you only have a narrow wall free, it is no limit when you are keen on a modern bookcase. Our Hübsch modern bookcase oak with 6 shelves might be the perfect one for you. This modern bookcase is very simple in its look and made in delicious oak. At the same time, it is less than a meter in width. And that is just one example. No matter whether you are looking for a wide modern bookcase or maybe a bedroom oak bookcase you can find it here at enor HOME. Display oak cabinets works as a very suitable furniture when wanting to display some of your things. As the name also suggests. If you have a room where the walls are all white and the furniture is in a modern style, then a display oak cabinet can be just the right furniture to complete your room. The Hübsch display oak cabinet with a shelf is made in the most beautiful FSC certificated nature oak. It is a stunning Danish design furniture in a timeless and interesting design. There is always a spot where a bookshelf or a display oak cabinet will do perfectly. And here at enor HOME you will find that there will be a design that fits your personal style splendidly.

Bookcase in oak
Modern bookcases in black

The ideal modern bookcase for the readers

There is no doubt that every reader needs a modern bookcase. Books are beautiful and therefor they should not be stashed away. Each book represents a story, no matter if it is a captivating fiction novel, a detailed non-fiction book, an astounding biography or maybe a cookbook with the most delicious recipes. Luckily there is a lot of modern or oak bookcases to fulfill this purpose. You can choose a modern bookcase for a minimalistic styled dining room, a wide modern bookcase if you have a big collection of books or a modern bookcase desk for the office.

An ideal living room bookcase

Books do perfectly in any room, but a living room bookshelf is often a great idea if you own books that you want to display in your home. At enor HOME we have a wide selection of the most beautiful bookcases for you to choose between. If you want to get a modern bookcase which also works ideally for placing some plants and vases alongside the books, then our enor HOME BOOKCASE DUNO is a great suggestion. This modern bookcase is designed with a grey powder coated iron frame and handles. Furthermore, it has four drawers and a solid fir wood open unit. A beautiful furniture for books as well as knick-knack.

A wide modern bookcase for the bookworm

If you on the other hand want a traditional oak bookcase where the focus is specifically on the books you should go for a wide modern bookcase. Maybe you have the space to set up an entire book wall. A beautiful addition to every reader’s home. Then it is again worth to mention our Hübsch modern bookcase oak with 6 shelves. Place two or several of these bookcases in oak next to each other and you have started the beginning of your own personal library. You could even bring the books outdoors to your garden. We provide a beautiful selection of outdoor chairs such as the hanging egg chair.

Cabinets and racks to show personality

Cabinets have a lot of different functions and thereof they also fit in a lot of different rooms. If you look upon yourself as a real wine connoisseur. Then you should without a doubt have one or more wine cabinets. You could for instance place our House Doctor Wine Rack, Gany, in black in your kitchen. It will add an elegant and industrial touch to the room. A place for you to show off your great selection of extraordinary wines. A cabinet with doors will on the other hand do perfectly in any hallway or entrance. With a narrow depth it will not take up too much space. It will give you the opportunity to storage all of the stuff you need when going outside without having all of it laying around. Put your keys in a pretty bowl on our Rowico Everett Cabinet with wooden whitewashed oak doors. Hang a mirror above for you to check you looks before running out the door. Place a floor lamp next to it to light up the hallway when coming home late at night. It is the perfect arrangement for every hallway or entrance and a display oak cabinet will fit right in.

The most wonderful designer cabinets and bookcases

Here at enor HOME we know how important it is that all your furniture fits your personal style and the essence of your home. That is why we have a lot of stunning Danish and Scandinavian Design furniture. You will discover this when looking through our selection of modern bookcases, racks and cabinets. We have stunning display oak cabinets from Rowico. We have practical oak bookcases designed by Hübsch. We have our own enor HOME modern bookcase Beynes.  So, if you are looking for a place to gather your books, we have the oak bookcase for you. If you are keen on a pretty display oak cabinet for placing your plates and porcelain you can find it here.  All you must do is look through all our beautiful designs above and then let your imagination work its magic.