Nothing makes a home like a cozy living room with a beautiful couch. Because – as the name also shows – it is in this room you spend a lot of your time and a great part of your life. Therefore, the furniture in this room also has to create a nice atmosphere and the most important furniture in the aim to reach this vibe is the couch. The couch is where you spend a lot of time. It is on the couch you relax with a good tv show after a long day at work. It is the couch which makes the soft foundation for a movie night in the weekend. It is on the couch you can sit with friends with some coffee or wine on the coffee table and enjoy a good talk. So, in short – the couch is the center of your living room. Read more.

Hübsch Duo Sofa


Couches for every living room

No home is the same. There will always be variations. Variations like size, shape, design, and style will always be to find. That counts for the living room as well. Therefore, it is no surprise that couches come in different sizes. We, here at enor HOME, know how important it is that the couch fits the room which is why you can be certain that we have the couch just for you. We have anything from 3 seater couches and 2 seat couches to velvet and black couches. In other words – you can find the couch of your dreams here at our page.

2 seat couch indoors
3 seater couch indoors

Beautiful 3 seater couches

If you have a big house and a big living room, you should definitely choose a big couch. A big couch makes the perfect center of every sizeable living room. Therefor you should look at 3 seater couches – at least. With 3 seater couches you have the opportunity to create the base for a big and nice area in your living room – a little island of its own – where family and friends can gather. If you want to create a circle of couches around your coffee table then you can combine your 3 seater couch or maybe even two 3 seater couches with some different coach sections.Take for instance our House Doctor Sofa corner section, put it together with some middle sections and to top it off with a House Doctor Pouf and then you have put together several 3 seater couches and made a complete couch area. This area will be ideal placed in front of a coffee table with a television on the wall in front and with some floor lamps next to it on each side.

A wonderful selection of 2 seat couches

Not every house has a really big living room, and, in these cases, you should not go for a big couch area where several 3 seater couches are combined. Instead, you should go for one of our beautiful 2 seat couches. 2 seat couches look perfect in a living room but also do splendidly in other rooms of the house. Maybe in the hallway with a modern console table next to it or in a corner of your bedroom where it can create a cozy vibe. The possibilities are many and we have all the 2 seater couches to fulfill all of these different functions.

A whole universe of different designs

Here at enor HOME we have a great selection of design couches. They come in everything from wicker work and black couches to 2 seat couches and 3 seater couches. The opportunities are many. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a sunroom and if that is the case you should maybe take a look at our Sika Design Caroline couch. It is one of our black couches and is a luxurious Danish design couch. Together with the black couches comes a Sika Design lounge chair as well as a fabulous coffee table.If you instead want to create a nice corner to relax in one of your rooms then maybe you should go for one of our marvelous 2 seat couches and put it together with one of our beautiful floor poufs. If you love a more modern style then our Kristina Dam Modernist 2 seat couches are perfect. The 2 seat couches comes in both beige bouclé and grey wool so you can choose the one that fits the rest of your home most splendidly. Together with this lovely couch you should most definitely place one of our Kristina Dam Curved poufs. They come in both black, cognac and light brown leather and will without a doubt take your couch to the next level.

More designs than you will ever need

Here at enor HOME we love design and especially Danish and Scandinavian design. Hübsch is today looked upon as one of Scandinavians leading interior brands. The reason for this is obvious when you look at our Hübsch Couch Danish Design couch. The Hübsch Design couch is made in beige and orange polyester and is a beautiful couch which will be stunning in any living room. Cozy Living furniture is also among some of the most beautiful furniture and the same applies for their couches. Cozy Living have some gorgeous mini couches, perfect for a smaller space which screams for a nice furniture. That could be in a nursery, in the corner of a big kitchen or as a wonderful addition to a beautiful bedroom. Take for example the Cozy Living Effie mini couch. It is almost a lounge chair but made for you who want to share your space with one of your loved ones and at the same time be comfortable. It almost works as a home decoration, that is how beautiful the design of this couch is. In addition to these two brands, we also have designs from brands such as Sika Design, House Doctor and Kristina Dam and we can guaranty you, that we also have something which fits your home, your style, and the atmosphere of your home most splendidly.