Every home is different. Every style is different. This of course means that the furniture is different. From home to home, you see people putting their own personality into the design. This applies for every room whether you are looking through the door and into the kitchen, the living room and especially also the dining room. When doing that you will discover that the dining chairs play a big role in personalizing the space. Maybe you like dining chairs with arms or maybe you are really specific in you taste and looking for oak leg dining chairs. No matter what kind of dining chair you are searching for you can find it here at enor HOME. Read more.

The perfect dining chairs for the perfect dining

A dining room often makes the center of the house. It is the place where the family can gather after a long day apart at work or in school. Therefor it is also very important that you dining chairs lives up to your expectations regarding comfort, but also when it comes to design, style, colors and materials. Where dining chairs with arms becomes both a fashion statement and also a choice of comfort is with the arms. Dining chairs with arms are great for resting your arms but can also be a design choice that suits your rooms identity. Take a look at our dining chairs with arms at this page. There are an increase in demand of oak leg dining chairs. Our oak leg dining chairs are a suitable choice for you that want to get away from the metallic legs that many dining chairs have today. Oak leg dining chairs can look create with a wood, preferable oak, dining table. That way you can get away with a velvet dining chair since the oak legs create harmony in the style. Here at enor HOME we have a great selection of beautiful dining chairs so that you can choose the ones that makes your dining room complete.

Indoor dining table

Dining chairs with arms and other styles

Dining chairs comes in a whole ocean of styles and designs and every one of them have different advantages. If you live in a house where the dining room is quite big, then you should not be afraid to choose dining chairs that really stands out and take up some space – such as a dining chair with arms. A suggestion could be our Sika Design Rossini Arm Chair. Not only is it a great dining chair in design, it is also made from sustainable rattan. It is a dining chair with great comfort. It looks stunning around a dining table, but because it is a dining chair with arms it also makes a great addition to a hall, living room or bedroom. If you are searching for a dining chair with arms where fabric is not a part of the design, then we also have something for you. Our enor HOME Dining chair Josh Blue is made with a Polypropylene plastic shell and powder coated steel legs. A long-lasting chair, which for instance makes a perfect for families with small children since it is easy to clean if some food should fall from the dining table.

The great selection of dining chairs

Dining chairs with arms of course only make a part of our dining chair collection. It could be that your dining room is not that big or that your dining table demands a specific kind of chair. If you for instance have a dining table in oak, then it would be perfect to combine it with oak leg dining chairs. Our Rowico Bea Chairs are oak leg dining chairs in a modern design with reversible cushion which means that you have more than one option when it comes to the design. It could also be that you want to focus exclusively on the nature materials. Then instead of having an oak leg dining chair you can choose one where massive oak is the main material. Our Rowico Filippa dining chair is made in full oak with a comfortable fabric seat. The wood is FSC certificated which means that you can be sure, that it is made with the forests and nature in mind. You can choose between oak, oiled oak, dark brown brushed oak, whitewashed oak, black stained oak as well as white lacquer. Furthermore, the fabric comes in a wide range of colors. This means that you have all the conditions which is needed to design the chair that fits your home.

No dining chairs without a dining table

Even though dining chairs makes a very important part of any dining room they cannot stand alone. In this specific room it is hard to have the dining chairs without the dining table. Luckily, we at enor HOME also have a lot of wonderful dining tables to go with your dining chairs. No matter what style you are looking for you can find the perfect dining table to go with your dining chairs here at our page. For example, you can choose a round modern dining table such as our Kristina Dam Bauhaus Dining Table which is made in black-lacquered stainless steel. If you want your dining table to fit your oak leg dining chairs you could instead choose one of our more rustic oak dining tables like the Rowico Brooklyn dining table which is FSC certified and comes in oak with various kinds of colors.

Where you can use a dining chair

A dining chair of course makes a great fit in a dining room. It is not the only room in which it is a splendid match. If you for instance have a kitchen with a small table where you always eat your breakfast. Or have a glass of wine while making dinner with friends and family. Then dining chairs are the ideal choice for you. Our dining chairs with arms are a perfect choice for both the kitchen and the living room. A suggestion could be our Rowico Fusione Bentwood dining chairs. They have high pressure laminate with chromed legs. It is a stylish and contemporary chair for the modern home. And it fits excellent in a kitchen where there is not that much space. If the chromed legs are not for you. You can look at our grand selection of oak leg dining chairs. These dining chairs are perfect for the more wooden look. Both in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. If you have a light and low-key style in your bedroom. Then you should take a look at our House Doctor dining chairs with arms. It will do splendidly in a corner with a light pillow and a scarf tossed over the armrest.

All the dining chairs you need

Dining chairs are – without doubt – an important part of every home. No matter if you place them in the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom or maybe in the office. Because the dining chairs have so many different ways they can be used, then it is only natural that there is a whole universe of different designs. And here at enor HOME we have a tremendous selection for you to explore. Whether you are looking for dining chairs with arms, oak leg dining chairs or chairs with soft fabric, then you can find it here in our shop.