Every home needs a dining table. And every home needs a dining table which fits perfectly to that specific home. Luckily, dining tables can be of many shapes and sizes as well as colors and designs. Therefor, every person, family or households have the chance to find the dining table of their dreams. Here you will find a grand selection of rustic oak dining tables, round modern dining tables and much more. The dining table is in fact, in some sense, the center of every home. It is the place, where the family gather after a long day of doing different things. It is the place where important topics can be discussed. It is the place for nice and fun dinners with friends. It is one of the most important places in every home.And here at enor HOME you have all the options you need in order to find your ideal table. Read more.

The different designs of dining tables

The different kind of dining tables is almost infinite. There is a whole forest of designs and styles and every one of them have different advantages. If you live in a house where the dining room is quite big then a dining table with a lot of soul can be the way to go. Rustic oak dining tables makes the perfect choice in this case. Rustic oak dining tables takes up a lot of attention in a room. But that is what is so wonderful about them. Take for instance our Rowico Brooklyn dining table in dark brown oak. The design of this rustic oak dining table is very versatile. It can be used in a more minimalistic room in order to bring some color into the room or maybe in a room with green walls where you want to keep the entire room in a more nature-inspired look. The rustic oak dining table-look is very sought after since it fits into most living room designs. If you are looking for a more modern look, then a round modern dining table will defiantly fulfill your expectations. A round modern dining table can bring the dinner party together in a completely different way. Everybody has the chance to talk to everybody around the table and the conversations often includes all the persons who are a part of the company. You could take a look at our Kristina Dam Bauhaus Dining Table, which is a beautiful and simple round modern dining table in black-lacquered stainless steel. Perfect as an indoor dining table but also as an outdoor dining table if you are on the lookout for such. Take a look at our dining tables from the rustic oak dining table to the modern round dining table, some can be used both inside and outside.

close up on oak dining table
Indoor dining table in oak

Dining tables from brands with quality, design and style in focus

Here at enor HOME it is our proudest job to find the most beautiful brands and designs so that we can offer our customers the best possible selection of furniture. Everything chosen with an eye to make their dreams for their home come true. So take a look at our rustic oak dining tables and round modern dining tables. That is why all of our furniture is selected with the greatest thoroughness, which you will discover no matter if you are looking for a divine dining table, beautiful dining chairs to go with it or maybe some wonderful wine cabinets where you can place your bottles – close to the table where they should be enjoyed. It is up to you if you would like to enjoy your wine at a rustic oak dining table or at a round modern dining table. Our round modern dining table from Sika Design is made from recycled teak, which makes it an obvious choice for a more conscious pick, since it is sustainable.

Hübsch interiors dining tables

One of the brands from which we have a selection of dining tables is Hübsch interiour. Hübsch is Danish home interior and design. Hübsch furniture selections range from dining tables and dining chairs to book shelfs and side tables. Here at enor HOME we have a wide selection of different dining tables in Hübsch design. Maybe you are looking for a round modern dining table? Then the Hübsch Round dining table in nature oak could be the superb choice for you. The dining table is made in FSC certified oak and will work brilliantly in every dining room. This type of round modern dining table has space for a lot of people around it. If you are looking for a more minimalistic and timeless look, then Hübsch interiors also have a dining table in the perfect design for you. The Hübsch Black dining table in wood & metal is very simple in its design and shape. Our selection of Hübsch furniture is immense and we invite you to take a further look through their different dining tables.

Rustic oak dining tables - Rowico

Another one of our wonderful brands which we can dive further into, is Rowico. Rowico has designed and created stunning Scandinavian design furniture since 1971. Here at enor HOME we have a wide range of different designs from Rowico. That includes a lot of different dining tables. Whether you are on the lookout for an oak small dining table or a round modern dining table. Then Rowico furniture has one for you. If your family is big or you like to have the space for games and socializing around your dining table, then the Rowico Nottingham Dining Table is the ideal fit for you. Another suggestion is one of Rowicos rustic oak dining tables, such as the Rowico Brooklyn dining table. Most dining tables from Rowico is often FSC certified, so a dining table from Rowico is a sustainable choice.  The choices are many, so take a look at our selection of rustic oak dining tables and round modern dining tables.

Dining tables and chairs for every home

As already mentioned, then the dining room makes the center of every home, as it is the place where the family can gather and where there is space to socialize. Therefor it is also very important that the furniture in this room lives up to all of your expectations and standards. One thing is the dining table, but the dining table cannot stand alone. Because as a natural friend of the dining tables you find the dining chairs. Luckily, we have a wide selection of stunning dining chairs to go with your new gorgeous dining table. A round modern dining table can fit a lot of chairs around it so do not be shunned away by its round shape. Take a look at all of our dining chairs.

Surround your rustic oak dining tables with elegant furniture

Now that you have your dining table and dining chairs in place. It would be a shame not to take a look at the rest of the dining room. Because even though the dining table and chairs is the place where the family gather. Then the surroundings also play a big part in making the space comfortable and cozy. If your living room is big, then you should consider placing a lounge chair in one of the corners of the room. Maybe with a modern coffee table placed next to it. In doing this you have created a nice space where you can sit down to read and drink you morning coffee. All while your children are playing at the dining table. If you do not have that much space in your living room. And your dining table and dining chairs already takes up a lot of space. Then you should instead look for a modern bookcase. With a bookcase you have the chance to bring some life and personality into the dining room. And at the same time, you can use it for storage of the things. Which would otherwise take up space on the dining table. It is up to you what suits your style at home. But all our dining tables from the rustic oak dining table to the round modern dining table can harmonize with our other furnitures since some come from the same brand. The options are endless. No matter what you are looking for in a dining table you can find it here at enor HOME. We have everything from rustic oak dining tables and minimalistic dining tables in metal to round modern dining tables and beautiful round dining tables in teak. All you have to do, is take a look on this page, and then imagine how a given dining table will look in your home.