Do you love it when a room has that something extra, like a hanging wicker chair? That something which makes it a little bit more special.You should definitely think about looking at our selection of beautiful hanging chairs and rocking chairs. With an indoor hanging egg chair or a comfy rocking chair you have added something to your collection of furniture which is not a part of the usual collection. Here at enor HOME we have several designs of rocking chairs and hanging chairs. All of them made in beautiful materials and wonderful styles. This means that you, without a doubt, also will be able to find a chair that is perfect for you and your home. Read more.

Hanging chairs and rocking chairs for every room in your home

Different rooms need different kinds of furniture. A dining room should have a dining table and dining chairs. An office should have a practical desk. A living room should have a comfortable couch and a coffee table. And all the rest of the rooms in your home have some furniture, which should be included in the arrangement of interior. But why not add an amazing furniture that goes beyond the common types of furniture? That is what you can do with a furniture such as a hanging wicker chair or a comfy rocking chair. A hanging wicker chair could create a room with much more space. While a comfy rocking chair would create a more inviting room, a chair which lures people towards it.

comfy rocking chair
Hanging Wicker Chair

A hanging wicker chair for the living room

A hanging chair is always a good idea. You might think that is a bit to big and takes up too much attention in the room. But that is not the reality. It is the truth that a hanging chair is an extraordinary furniture, but that is what makes them so stunning. Like a little piece of art formed as a functional furniture. Not only is an indoor hanging egg chair a comfortable chair it is also an enjoyable furniture. A hanging wickerwork chair makes the perfect location for a quite time with a good book. If you have children, it can also make the center for fun times swinging lightly back and forth. Here at enor HOME we have the most beautiful hanging wicker chairs. Our Sika Design Renoir Exterior Hanging Chair is a special chair produced in alu-ratten, aluminium with woven art fiber, in two different colors. For instance, you can choose one in delicious creamy Dove White and a warm Moccachino. Both are elegant colors, and they will work splendidly in every room and in every context. This is a beautiful hanging wicker chair.

A comfy rocking chair for your nursery

A nursery is a very important room. Especially in the first years of your child’s life. Therefor you should definitely put some thoughts into how you decorate and furnish it. It is important that the room is arranged so it is comfortable for both your child and you. Therefor a comfy rocking chair is an utterly good idea. With a comfy rocking chair placed in the corner of the room you have created the ideal spot for a quit time. A comfy rocking chair is a beautiful piece of furniture and at the same time it is very functional when it comes to small children who relaxes due to the rocking movements of the chair. A comfy rocking chair is an ideal choice for this room. Therefor you should take a look at our enor HOME Saint Louis chair in light grey. It has a very soft and comfortable cushion. Perfect for several hours spend in the chair.

Hanging chairs and rocking chairs – the ideal furniture for your terrace

As we have already established, hanging chairs, and rocking chairs will do gorgeously in as good as any room in your house. But the two kinds of chairs are undeniably also perfect for a terrace. If you have a roofed terrace, then a hanging wicker chair is a perfect addition to the area. Hang our Sika Design Hanging egg chair in Nature with a chain and you have the most beautiful furniture possible. The hanging egg chair is designed by genuine Danish Design icons. Nanna Ditzel and Jørgen Ditzel designed it in 1959 for Sika Design. This beautiful handmade hanging chair is a real special design furniture to brighten up your terrace. If you have a terrace where it is not possible to hang anything then you should not despair. A rocking wicker chair is the ideal choice for you. Here at enor HOME we have some different styles of rocking wicker chairs – all stunning. Take for instance the Sika Design Nanny Rocking Chair in Nature. This rocking wicker chair is designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1969 and is a part of our ICONS collection which consists of furniture icons from eg. Nanna Ditzel, Arne Jacobsen and Franco Albani. We also have another stunning and comfy rocking chair. Namely the Sika Design Monet Rocking Chair in Antique. The comfy rocking chair is a part of our Originals collection. Furthermore, it was inspired by our own bespoke sketches as well as other popular models from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Match your rocking chair or hanging chair with the rest of your furniture

There is no doubt that an indoor hanging egg chair is a piece of furniture that can stand alone. The same applies for a comfy rocking chair. But that does not mean that it should. If you want to make the optimal spot to relax then there is some different furniture and accessories you should place around it. For instance, a rocking chair is a perfect place to enjoy a good book in the evening. But to do that you need light. In this scenario a floor lamp or a wall lamp will work most splendidly and light up the pages of your book so all you have to do is to concentrate on the good story. With a hanging chair it is nice to have somewhere to place things such as a cup of coffee or a magazine. Therefor you should place a side table next to it. We have several beautiful designs. Whether you love minimalistic design furniture in metal or beautiful oak furniture, then we have side tables that fits perfectly to your personal style. Hanging chairs and rocking chairs can make the perfect addition to your home. They are extraordinary pieces of furniture which will light up every room and take it to the next level. Here at enor HOME we have a wide selection of the most marvelous designer rocking chairs and hanging chairs. Take a look and get inspired in our selection above.