What do you need when wanting to enjoy a good cup of coffee in nice and comfortable surrounding? What do you need when the afternoon tea does not have to be that formal? A coffee table is the answer. And not just any coffee table. A coffee table often works as a center for some of your other furniture. Therefor it also has to fit your home and interior perfectly. So, if you have a house which is decorated in a modern style, then a modern coffee table is what you should have. If you love classic design and luxurious furniture you should go for a designer coffee table. There will definitely be a coffee table for you here at enor HOME. Just take a look through our wonderful selection below. Read more.

A coffee table as a center of the living room

The most important room in which a coffee table should be placed is obviously in the living room. There is nothing like a luxury coffee table to put everything together. It should always make the center of your sofa set. If you have a big living room with more than one couch and a couple of lounge chairs then a modern coffee table is ideal to stand in the middle. If your couch is big and of a substantial size, then you should take a look at our mirror coffee tables. If you want to make the look spectacular, then our Rowico Grafton coffee table is just the right choice for you. It is a wonderful and timeless modern coffee table. The sand blasted black pine gives the coffee table the timelessness that is known through Scandinavian design. Just the right choice for you, who would love a designer coffee table as the center of your living room.

Modern coffee table in black
designer coffee table in marble

The different designs of modern coffee tables

Every home has a different style. The interior is different. The materials are different. That means that the choices of coffee tables should be of a great number. We know this at enor HOME and that is why we have a great selection of modern coffee tables. So, whether you have a big house with lots of space or a small apartment where the furniture needs to be small but still outstanding, you can find It here at enor HOME.

Beautiful coffee table sets

A coffee table can without a doubt stand alone. Some modern coffee tables are a work of art and just amazing. But maybe you want to go a different way with your choice of coffee table. If that is the case a modern coffee table set is just the right choice for you. In other words, a nest of coffee tables. Here at enor HOME we have some beautiful designs in the field of coffee table sets. If you like the minimalistic style, then the Rowico Grafton nest of tables in black metal is a great choice. The table has a painted slightly grooved wooden board and black metal legs. Perfect for the living room. You can also go for a lovely atmosphere with the Cozy Living side table in marble & brass. This luxury coffee table comes in a set of two and will work as a lovely décor beside your couch,  lounge chair or bed. Another nest of tables is our enor HOME Coffee Table Marley which also comes in a set of two. The tabletop is made in solid fir wood. It is lacquered in natural color with dark brown powder coated iron edge with a rusty finish. A special and beautiful modern coffee table. Perfect for bringing some personality into your living room.

The perfect modern coffee table for a gorgeous sofa group

If you have a great living room with a sofa group, then a single designer coffee table is the ideal choice for you. A designer coffee table with a lot of personality will make your couch area sparkle. It applies if you for instance have a sofa set put together of soft and comfortable couch sections. With this set up your modern coffee table should maybe be of a more minimalistic style. The Rowico Dalton Coffee Table Rect 120 in the color Brown-Grey could be just the right modern coffee table for you. It is a sturdy, contemporary-style coffee table from the Dalton range. Place some beautiful candleholders on the table next to your favorite magazines and you have thereby created a very cozy area to relax.

Hübsch design modern coffee table

If your couch is not of the bombastic style, you should not be afraid to put an extraordinary designer coffee table in front of it. If you love colors, you could for instance, take a look at the Hübsch Coffee Table in green with a glass plate. It is a wonderful and timeless coffee table which has an extra twist due to the green color. If you rather have a coffee table in wood, we also have a great selection of stunning coffee tables for you to look at. Maybe you are looking for a round coffee table to gather around when having friends over for coffee and tea. Our Hübsch Coffee table round in nature oak will fulfill this task to the letter. It is a modern coffee table made in FSC-certificated oak. The design is wonderful and timeless which means that you will have the joy of this coffee table for several years. The opportunities are many when it comes to designer coffee tables. That is also the case here at enor HOME. So, take a look through our marvelous selection above and find the coffee table of your dreams.