When talking about chairs, there is no doubt that your thoughts often will travel to a various number of different models, designs and types. The same is probably the case when it comes to outdoor chairs. Here at enor HOME we have a great selection of chairs in Danish & Scandinavian design. Everything from dining chairs and lounge chairs to rocking chairs and egg chairs outdoor. One thing is for sure, and that is that no matter which outdoor chair is your favorite, then one of the designs in our collection can make your dreams for an impeccable outdoor space a little closer to coming true. Read more.

The perfect outdoor dining chairs

As the center of any perfect barbecue night with family and friends you find the outdoor area with its dining table and dining chairs. It is the furniture around you can gather the entire family for a cozy evening or maybe a delicious brunch in the morning. We at enor HOME have a wonderful selection of outdoor dining chairs and stools and you can be sure, that we also have a design which falls perfectly into your idea of an ideal outdoor dining chair. If you like elegant and classic design, then the Sika Design Elisabeth Chair could be just the right one. This outdoor dining chair is made in aluminum and artificial fibers which ensures that the chair can be used outside all year round. Our Sika Design Sofie Chair is a true café classic and comes in a wide range of beautiful colors, such as navy blue, salvie green and black and is, just as the Elisabeth model, made in good quality materials which means that they can stand outside all year round. Sika Design is a great brand, they have a large selection of outdoor furniture. We are especially proud of the egg swing chair outdoor.

outdoor dining chairs
egg chairs outdoor

No dining chairs without the dining table

Even though outdoor dining chairs makes a huge different in the outdoor area then an outdoor dining table is often needed if you really want to create a completed and comfortable space. In other words - no outdoor chairs without an outdoor dining table.Here at enor HOME we have a great selection of beautiful Danish design dining tables. If you are mostly into wood material our Sika Design George Table in teak could be just the right choice for you or if you like a more minimalistic design, then our Grey dining table in metal is exactly what you are looking for. The egg swing chair outdoor or egg chairs outdoor is a perfect place to enjoy the view from your patio. You can take a further look at our wonderful outdoor dining tables here.

Our outdoor egg chairs

The dining chairs – put together with a divine dining table - makes the ideal center of any outdoor area. And that is the truth no matter if you have a garden, terrazzo, balcony or patio. But the dining chairs and -table are not the only furniture that can transform your outdoor space into an almost magical place. If you want to take it one step further, then you should definitely hang an egg swing chair outdoor. Of course, there are some physical things which needs to be in order for you to hang swing egg chairs outdoor. Though you should not call it off right away, because all you need is a tree, a beam or just anything which is placed high enough for you to hang an egg chair and at the same time strong enough to carry the weight of the chair. And the weight of you, your book and drink of course. Our egg chairs outdoor comes in two colors, black and natural. It all comes down to what colour that suits you the best. Our Egg chairs outdoor comes in both nature colour and mat black. So take a look at our colours above and choose your egg swing chair outdoor. You can always adjust the colours of the pillow to match your identity.

All the outdoor chairs and stools you can dream of

If a hanging chair or egg chair does not fit your outside area, we at enor HOME have a lot of other designs which might suite you just perfectly. If you have a big and beautiful garden, you might have a corner under a tree where an outdoor lounge chair with a pouf will make a splendid match with the surroundings. Our Sika Design Chill Lounge Chair & pouf in Nature is an excellent suggestion here. If you live in an apartment with a balcony, then the space is often more limited, which means the space for furniture is too. Therefor a beautiful café set will make a sublime fit here. You can for instance choose one of our outdoor chairs, such as our Sika Design Isabell Chair, and put it together with a wooden outdoor dining table or maybe our Sika Design Caroline Table. The point is most of all, that your opportunities regarding your outdoor furniture are numerous.

Lovely lounge chairs for long summer days

If you love to relax outside, maybe with a good book in your hand. Or a podcast in your ears or an iced coffee next to you on a side table. Then there are also some excellent choices of outdoor chairs for you. At enor HOME we have a wide selection of stunning outdoor lounge chairs. If you like braided bamboo and elegant design, then you should take a look at our House Doctor Lounge chair - Colone, which comes in both black and walnut brown. To make it even more comfortable then combine it with a foot stool, such as our Sika Design Monet Foot Stool. If you are looking for a more nature inspired look then we also have some great choices for you. You can for instance take a look at our splendid lounge chair, Wawel, from House Doctor. It has the perfect combination of unique design, comfort and a relaxed look. If you into a more relaxing layout of your garden, take a look at our outdoor sunbeds.

enor HOME – We have the outdoor chairs & stools that you are looking for

No matter what you are looking for when designing your balcony, terrace, patio or porch. Then furniture will definitely bring it up a notch. Especially the outdoor chairs since they make the foundation for a relaxed day. Both in the garden or a cozy evening with friends and family. We have all the outdoor chairs to fulfill your dreams. You can hang an egg swing chair outdoor and create a cozy place to relax or a fun place for your kids to play. The egg chairs outdoor is perfect for a relaxing afternoon. If you are many, then try our relaxing outdoor couches. You can place an outdoor lounge chair by the pool with a pillow and a towel. Then you have set up the perfect spot for the hots summer days. You can put some outdoor dining chairs next to a wooden outdoor dining table. Thereby make the perfect center for a barbecue. The possibilities are endless and all you have to do is dream. Then we at enor HOME will help you with the rest.