Nothing gives a homely atmosphere in the garden as an outdoor couch. It is the furniture, that can take your terrace to the next level. A warm summer day with your legs up and a cold drink placed on a beautiful side table next to you. What more can you wish for? At enor HOME we have a wonderful selection of cozy wickerwork couches, in a range of different materials and colors. So, whether you dream about a couch in ‘Nature’, ‘Dove white’ or ‘Moccachino’ you can find it here. Take a further dive into the many outdoor couches on this page. Read more

Wonderful wickerwork outdoor couches

Wickerwork furniture has made its way back to the patios, balconies and gardens. Through the last couple of years, the advantages and positive qualities that comes with a couch like this, has reached people. And the reason for that is as clear as the sun. Wickerwork makes the perfect material for outdoor couches with its comfortable and stylish design. The outdoor couches from Sika Design works as great examples of this. With its different color options as well as the possibility to choose both 3-seater outdoor couches and 2-seater outdoor couches, you can be sure that you can find the perfect couch for you and your outdoor space. Maybe Sika Design Caroline 3-Seater outdoor couch in nature or Sika Design Belladonna couch in Moccachino is just the couch that you are looking for. No doubt that it is a piece of furniture that will bring you happiness every time you move from inside your house to the outdoor areas where the air is light and fresh.

Outdoor couch near ocean
Outdoor couch with pink pillows

An outdoor couch that lasts

Another feature which is definitely worth mentioning when talking about our outdoor couches, is the fact that they all have a lasting look which will beautify your outdoor space year after year. All of our couches here at Enor is made with love and of course in the best materials, which means that you get a couch that will bring you joy for a long period of time. The material is chosen with this wish of a long-lasting life for the furniture in mind. That is why our Belladonna outdoor couch is made in a weather resistant material. The couch is designed by the famous designer Franco Albini and originally made in rattan. But we made this new model in aluminum and synthetic fiber, so that the beautiful couch can be enjoyed everywhere throughout the year. The same applies for our 3-seater couch from Sika – the Caroline model. The Caroline range actually consists of both a lounge chair, a coffee table and the 3-seater couch. This series was also originally designed in rattan, but to make the range useable outdoor all year round we have made this new edition in aluratten. But don’t worry, the beautifulness of our couches is still right as great as when they were made in ratten – because here at enor HOME quality and design walks hand in hand.

Company for your outdoor couches

When completing your outdoor space a couch makes a good start. But if you want to take it to the next level and really impress your guests there is several things you can ad. If you dream about long summer nights with friends in the light summer breeze. A set of beautiful outdoor furniture is exactly what you need. Place a couple of lounge chairs - for instance the House Doctor Lounge chair - next to the couch and a side table. Such as the Sika Design Caroline Table - in the middle and then you have created the best terms for cozy evenings. Maybe with drinks in your hand and snacks on the table.If you want to make it even better, you should consider adding a hanging or rocking chair to your outdoor collection. There is no doubt that a chair like that makes the perfect place for an afternoon with a good book and a cup of coffee in your hand. Furthermore, all of our designs fit perfectly with all of our couches. You can for instance take a look at our Sika Design Hanging Egg Chair – a genuine Danish design icon. If you prefer to stay on the ground our Sika Design Monet Rocking Chair is a great choice. Put all of this together with a couch or maybe a 3-seater couch, some pretty lanterns and a couple of plants. Then you have created your own outdoor heaven. A space made to bring you joy. Whether you want to spend a quiet time alone or invite family and friends for an enjoyable time in the open.

Create the outdoor couch of your dreams

Here at enor HOME we know that nobody is exactly alike and therefore that everybody has their own specific taste. That is also why we offer you the opportunity to design your own couch. In that way you can be sure that it turns out exactly as you like it. For instance, if you are looking at our Caroline 3-seater couch from Sika Design. You can choose between the colors Moccachino, Dove White and Nature. Furthermore, you can decide if you only want a seat cushion or 3 back pillows as well. The colors of the cushion and pillows range from: white and light blue to taupe, brown and black. The options are many and there will definitely be a combination that fits perfectly with your thoughts of the perfect outdoor couch.

Scandinavian & Danish Design send to you

Our outdoor couches are some of the most beautiful Danish and Scandinavian furniture designs. Danish and Scandinavian Design is internationally acclaimed. The different designs holds a high value. Here at enor HOME we love Danish and Scandinavian design. We are proud that we can offer you everything from couches to dining tables made in this style. If you have questions concerning our outdoor couches or any other of our products don’t hesitate to give as a call on +45 2234 7655. Or send us an email at Remember that we have low-cost international shipping. We deliver your order directly to your front door within 5-7 working days. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find the precise couch that you like.