Every outdoor space needs an outdoor dining table and chairs. And it is very important that it is an outdoor dining table that fits perfectly with the size, look and design of the given outdoor space. It applies no matter if you have a big garden, a plateau, a terrazzo or maybe a balcony. The most essential thing to think about is to create an amazing atmosphere so that the outdoor area always is a place where the spirit is high and where family and friends feels comfortable and good. And here at enor HOME you have all the options you need in order to find the ideal outdoor table to make that space – just as you dream it should be. Read more.

Outdoor dining table and chairs for every occasion

Your outdoor dining table and chairs very often work as the center of every outdoor space. It is the place where the family gather in the warm summer nights after a long day of doing different. It is the place where you can eat Saturday brunch in the morning sun. It is the place for summer parties and barbecues with friends. The usability of an outdoor wooden dining table is limitless. And so is the styles and designs that you can find and choose between. The same applies here at enor HOME. All you have to do is dive into all of our beautiful wooden outdoor dining tables that you see above.

Outdoor round dining table

The diversity in an outdoor dining table

The different kinds of outdoor dining tables are as good as infinite. When looking for a new wooden outdoor dining table you will find that there is a whole ocean of models and designs to choose between. Every model has its advantages and different ways in which it will make a perfect addition to your outdoor space. The most important thing to take into consideration is the size of the outdoor area where you want to place your outdoor furniture as well as which style you want.

Impeccable wooden outdoor dining tables

If you have a big family or love to invite your friends over for food and drinks on your terrazzo, then you should definitely take a look at one of our bigger outdoor dining tables – for instance one of our wooden outdoor dining tables. Here our Sika Design Lucas table is a great suggestion. The wooden outdoor dining table is an extendable table made of reused teak from old houses and fishing boats. The tree is reused but it has been repaired to match our quality standards. This dining table has the length from 200 to 280 cm which gives you the perfect opportunity to adjust the table, so it ends up in the exact size you need. Furthermore, the teakwood is characterized by its warm color which evolves to a beautiful classic gray color through time. If you are on the look-out for a smaller table, then we also have a fine selection of wooden outdoor dining tables for you to choose between. You could for instance take a look at our Sika Design George round table. Just as the Sika Design Lucas table this table is made in beautiful teak and is made in recycled wood, which means that you can find holes and other repairs in the tree. It is 160 cm across and therefor works perfectly if you do not have the space for a big outdoor dining table.

A dining table and chairs goes perfectly together

We have now established that the outdoor dining table often works as the ideal place for the family to gather. It is the place to come together, socialize and relax. But the outdoor dining table cannot stand alone. As the obvious partner of the dining table. You will find the outdoor dining chairs. Here at enor HOME we have a great selection of beautiful outdoor dining chairs. These go with our outdoor dining table. No matter which dining table you have locked your eyes on. We can guarantee that we have some outdoor dining chairs which will go superbly with it. We have a lot of wooden outdoor dining tables, for example Sika Design Colonial Table and Sika Design Georg Table. These are both made in stunning teak wood. The choices of dining chairs that goes with these tables are as good as endless. Some suggestions could be our Sika Design Isabell Armchair. It comes in a wide range of colors which gives you the opportunity to personalize your outdoor space. We also have the Sika Design Elisabeth Chair that comes in two beautiful colors: Dove White and Moccachino. One thing that you can know for sure: is that we here at enor HOME have wooden outdoor dining tables and chairs. That will make you outdoor area sparkle and create a space where people cannot do anything else than relax and feel good. Take a look at all of our outdoor dining chairs and find the ones, that make the atmosphere in your outdoor area complete.

Complete the space around your outdoor dining table

When you have decided on your outdoor dining table and chairs. You should also take a look at the rest of your outdoor area. No matter if you have a terrazzo, balcony, garden, beach and so on.If you have a big tree in your garden next to your terrazzo and outdoor dining table and chairs. Then maybe you should think about putting an egg swing chair outdoor. A hanging chair is the perfect place to relax with a good book in your hand. Or an iced tea placed on the outdoor side table next to you. If you have a big terrazzo, you could also take a look at our outdoor lounge chairs. With a Hübsch lounge chair in metal placed next to one of our wooden outdoor dining tables you can mix the materials up a bit. If you then place some different pretty plants next to the chair and some nice pillows and blankets on the outdoor lounge chair – then you have the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon with a podcast in your ears.

The outdoor area of your dreams

No matter what kind of wooden outdoor dining table you are looking for. Then you should definitely take a look at the gorgeous selection we have here at enor HOME. We have minimalistic dining tables in metal and round outdoor dining tables in grey stone. Which works as a perfect contrast to wooden materials and green plants. We have wooden outdoor dining tables in different shapes and sizes. Which means that you can choose the one that fits your outdoor space most splendidly. So it is up to you if you want outdoor chairs or an outdoor couch as seating for your new beautiful outdoor dining table. All you have to do is use your imagination to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Thereby find the wooden outdoor dining table and chairs that complete it.