Outdoor sunbeds is perfect for when the sun is shining, and a light breeze blows. After a long day with errands or work what would complete the task more perfectly than a wonderful outdoor sunbed or an outdoor bench? Outdoor sunbeds and outdoor benches work as ideal outdoor furniture when you want to take some time off and have a quiet moment by yourself. At the same time both types of outdoor furniture also works splendidly if you want to relax together with a friend. An outdoor bench seating is a superb place for long talks where all the important topics can be discussed, while two garden daybeds placed next to each other with a garden side table put in between work splendidly if you just need somebody to talk to while sunbathing. No matter what kind of relaxing outdoor time you are looking for then we have the perfect outdoor sunbeds and benches here at enor HOME. All you have to do is take a look through all of our luxurious garden furniture and find the design that matches your outdoor space perfectly. Read more.

The personal style created with outdoor sunbeds and outdoor benches

Everybody has their own personal style. The same applies when it comes to the outdoor space of any given home. It does not matter if it is a garden, a balcony, a patio, a beach or maybe a patio. All areas of every home will show a little bit about the people who lives there. Even though people might think that something look alike you will almost always find something, maybe just a tiny thing, that shows the personality of the specific person or family. As already said, it applies for all the outdoor furniture which includes the outdoor bench and outdoor daybed. One of the ways in which the personality will show is through the material and design chosen. You can choose everything from an outdoor bench metal or maybe a garden daybed in wood. Regardless of your choice of design for your outdoor bench and sunbed they will work splendidly as a part of every outdoor space. Put them together with an outdoor dining table, for instance a square garden table, and outdoor chairs, for instance wooden outdoor chairs, as well as an outdoor hanging chair and then you have created the most wonderful outdoor area. If you want to take it to the next level you could add some plants, pillows and blankets, then you have made it almost impossible not to love.

outdoor bench seating
outdoor daybed

An outdoor sunbed or daybed made for you

The most important thing when it comes to an outdoor daybed is of course that it is comfortable. But what is also very relevant when looking at a sunbed is the design. It has to fulfill your ideas of how it should look when you put a daybed outdoor. Here at enor HOME we have some great options for you - some wonderful designer garden furniture.

A House Doctor or Sika Design daybed or sunbed for your outdoor area

If you are on the lookout for something which have a real nature-vibe, something that just goes perfectly together with the rest of the outdoor wood furniture, then House Doctor has designed the ideal outdoor daybed for you. The House Doctor Daybed, Basti, Nature is the perfect outdoor daybed and outdoor wood furniture and will provide your outdoor space with an elegant and relaxed look. This is because of the design of the sunbed which combine rustic wood with an organic shape. If you are looking for a lighter design, then our Sika Design Josephine sunbed is a good choice. The sunbed comes in nature and dove white and is made of Alu-Rattan and ArtFibre materials which makes it very weatherproof and ideal as an outdoor daybed. Furthermore, you have the chance to personalize this sunbed with a cushion in one of our stunning color options. The color options for instance includes Light and Dark Blue, Taupe as well as White, Coffee and Black.

The different potentials of an outdoor sunbed or daybed

The outdoor sunbed or daybed has a lot of different ways in which it will look beautiful and create a peaceful oasis. If your house has a big terrazzo then you should definitely place a couple of outdoor sunbeds. These could be in the corner where you can sunbathe while reading a magazine or a good book. If you are lucky enough to have your own beach, or just a small path leading to the beach. Then a wooden outdoor sunbed or daybed is the ideal outdoor furniture for you. With an outdoor sunbed placed near the water you don’t have to think about the wet bathing suit. All you have to do is lay down and let the sun dry you. All of this of course also applies if you have a pool. It could also be that you have a beautiful garden. Then you should definitely get a garden daybed. By doing that you can create a wonderful space, a little part of your garden, where you have the privacy to take an afternoon nap or lay down with some music or a podcast in your ears. The possibilities are endless when you are thinking about placing a daybed outdoor.

The perfect side table to stand between your outdoor sunbeds or daybeds

Even though an outdoor daybed can easily stand-alone. Then it is without a doubt also worth giving a thought to whether or not it should. If you place a garden side table next to a garden daybed or an outdoor side table between two sunbeds. Then you have everything you need for a relaxing time outside. You have the space to place an iced coffee and a bowl of strawberries next to your book and magazine. In other words, with an outdoor side table you have everything you need within reach. Here at enor HOME we have a wonderful selection of outdoor side tables. Take a look at our outdoor side tables.

Choose the outdoor bench that fits your outdoor area

Outdoor benches come in several shapes, sizes and materials. The same applies here at enor HOME, because we know that everybody want different things when looking for an outdoor bench seating. An outdoor bench can be used for several things. You can place it at your patio as a cute invitation for a chat with neighbors. You can place it in a cozy and hidden part of your garden. This creates a dreamlike space for romantic talks. You can place it at your terrazzo and use it as an outdoor bench seating next to your outdoor dining table. The possibilities are many and so is our selection here at enor HOME.

Outdoor bench in metal, wood or something else?

When looking through our selection of outdoor sitting benches you will find that we have a lot of different designs. We have everything from metal and concrete to beautiful wooden material. If you are on the look-out for an outdoor bench seating to stand next to your round teak garden table. Then take a look at our Grey Bench in metal from Hübsch Interior which is very minimalistic in its design. Which means that it will fit perfectly together with a dining table with more color and so on. When looking for a bench for a specific place in your garden. Then our Sika Design Georg Bench in Teak is a great choice. It is made in recycled wood and will fall perfectly in with the nature in your garden. If you want an outdoor bench that can stand alone and work as a beautiful art piece as well as a sitting bench. Then our House Doctor Bench, Lets, in grey is the perfect solution. This sitting bench is made in concrete and also have a storage part. In the storage part you can place a beautiful plant. It create a whole new type of furniture. You should not think twice about getting an outdoor bench, because it opens up for a lot of good talks and nice times. Furthermore, it makes the perfect supplement to the rest of your outdoor furniture. So take a look at our outdoor couches.