It is wonderful to furnish your house with wonderful and stylish designer poufs. When thinking about these beautiful pieces of furniture your mind will probably travel to couches, dining tables and lounge chairs. And that is natural, because furniture such as these are important when decorating your house. But it is important not to forget to add the perfect supplement to this furniture. The pouf furniture. A floor pouf will work as a perfect partner to your lounge chair. A floor pouf can stand alone as an extra chair when you have guests over. And a floor pouf can bring some color into your living room. In other words, you should definitely add a pouf furniture to your interior. Read more.

The perfect living room poufs

The living room often works as the center of a home. It is where the family gather in the evening for some television time. It is the perfect spot for a board game night with friends. When many people have to fit around your coffee table, then first of all, your coffee table should be om some size. You can have a look through all of our wonderful designs here. Often the coffee table is accompanied by a comfortable couch, like our House Doctor Sofa which is built from different sections. There is no doubt that this is a fantastic couch for board game nights. But it can be hard if everybody is placed at the same site of the coffee table. It is here, that you should put your living room poufs into action. Pouf furniture are the perfect stand ins for chairs. A floor pouf is both comfortable and practical. It can be used as a chair when playing the before mentioned boardgames. But living room poufs can also be the place to rest your feet after a long day of walking. In other words – you should get a living room pouf to brighten up the central room of your house.

Living room poufs
Pouf furniture

Floor poufs for every room

Pouf furniture is of course a perfect adding for any couch. But that does not mean that it is the only position for a beautiful floor pouf. For instance, take a look at your bedroom. You should of course have a bed, a closet and some bedside tables as well as some pretty lamps. Put this design furniture together with one or two pouf furnitures and you have created the most wonderful atmosphere in your bedroom.  The most common place to find a pouf is in the living room. If you are looking for a living room pouf, look no further. Out selection of living room poufs creates the opportunity for you to find the exact living room pouf for your needs. Our Hübsch pouf sculpture is a brilliant choice for your bedroom. The sculpture pouf provides the ultimate coziness, comfort and relaxation. A floor pouf which exudes exclusivity. This pouf furniture is a perfect match for you that wants a pouf furniture which stands out and shows your uniqueness. 

A pouf for the nusery

When having a small child, the nights can sometimes be long. Many nightly hours awake trying to get your baby to sleep. Such hours scream for a comfortable place to sit. Here a rocking chair will make it perfectly, especially if put together with a floor pouf. Nurseries are often kept in a calmer color and therefor blue poufs will perfectly in. You could for instance take a look at our Hübsch Danish design blue pouf. It comes in a beautiful light blue color and has a wonderful Nordic and minimalistic design. Hübsch have marvelous blue poufs. All in astonishing variations of blue and Scandinavian designs. Our large selection ensures your choice for the perfect pouf - we even have a velvet pouf.

Different designs of poufs

A living room pouf is not just a pouf. There is a whole world of different shapes, sizes, designs and colors. And here at enor HOME we also have a wide selection of pouf furniture. Because no home is the same and therefor their poufs should not have to be the same either. If you have a more minimalistic decorated home, then black and white poufs are maybe what you should look for. Out Kristina Dam curved black and white poufs are made in the most delicious leather. The black and white poufs have a very simple but at the same time interesting design which makes it outstanding. The perfect living room pouf to bring some exclusivity into you home.

A lovely velvet pouf

It is not only the colors which have an influence on the choice of floor pouf. When you want the perfect floor pouf you should definitely also think about the material of the fabric as well as the shape. If you are looking for a really cozy-looking pouf then you should take a look at a velvet pouf. The Cozy Living velvet pouf is a beautiful round pouf with a diameter on 50 cm. This velvet pouf comes in the colors Chestnut and Mahogany. Two divine color tones which only makes the coziness that radiates from this velvet pouf that much stronger. It is living room poufs which invites you to have a comfortable time while decorating your home beautifully. 

A world of poufs

Here at enor HOME we know that taste is different, and we know that the same applies when it comes to furniture. That includes pouf furniture. Therefor we also have a great selection of stunning floor poufs for you to choose between. We have chosen our selection of floor poufs with design, exclusivity and luxury in mind. If you would like a more sculptural and interesting living room pouf, then Hübsch design has just the one for you. The Hübsch Pouf sculpture in red is a magnificent Danish design furniture. It has a singular shape which makes it that much more interesting to look at. If you are looking for something more practical and comfortable then the House Doctor Slow Pouf might be the one for you. It is a most elegant pouf furniture. It comes in two wonderful colors, Sand and Green. No matter which color suits your home, then this is a living room pouf which live up to all of your expectations.  No matter what you are looking for in a floor pouf, it being a black and white pouf, a velvet pouf or maybe some blue poufs, then you can find it here at enor HOME. Just take a look through all of the wonderful designs above and find the pouf of your dreams.