No matter what kind of outdoor space you have - big, small, opened or roofed – then an outdoor side table is always a good idea and very useful. Because of its small size it can fit in almost everywhere. Furthermore, the small outdoor side table has a lot of different functions. All these advantages are what makes the outdoor side table so usable and impeccable for any outdoor area. With all these ways in which your outdoor side table can be used it is no surprise that there is a lot of different styles and designs. Here at enor HOME we have a wonderful selection of different styles – everything from a small outdoor side table to a wooden outdoor side table – so you can be sure that we also have something that will stand perfectly with the rest of your outdoor furniture and take your outdoor area to the next level. Read more.

All the possibilities that come with an outdoor side table

As we have already established, the small outdoor side table is a superstar when put in an outdoor area. It does not matter if you have a garden, patio, terrace, balcony, or pool area – it can be used everywhere and together with all the rest of your outdoor furniture. We, here at enor HOME, have small outdoor sides tables to fulfill all the needs you could have. Underneath we will list some of the ways in which an outdoor side table will work splendidly.

outdoor side table
Outdoor side table next to daybed

Bring together your outdoor chairs with a beautiful small outdoor side table

Outdoor chairs are essential in very outdoor area. The outdoor chairs can be anything from wooden outdoor chairs to dining chairs. Of course, the size and design of the chair depends on the size of your outdoor area. The outdoor chairs often adorn the grounds in any outdoor space. And to make it complete you need an outdoor side table.If you have a big garden, you should try and place some comfortable chairs in the corner under a tree with a cute wooden outdoor side table placed between them. By doing so you have created a cozy little corner. If you have green fingers, you could plant some roses next to the outdoor side table and chairs to create a romantic feeling. If you like wooden chairs, then you should combine them with a wooden outdoor side table. Here you have the perfect spot for a good and long talk. Maybe even a place for some coffee or snacks on the wooden outdoor side table to make the scene complete.

The outdoor side table – the perfect partner to a hanging chair

When having a hanging chair, you are obviously above the ground, but that does not mean that you should not have something to keep you grounded. It is here that you should put a small outdoor side table into use. Without an outdoor side table, you stand without a spot where you can place all your things. The things you need if you really want to create the coziest area for yourself to be and to relax. The small outdoor side table makes the perfect spot for you to place the cappuccino. Those you just made on the coffee machine along with the crackers and grapes you brought along on a plate. Lastly, if the outdoor side table is not too small. You can place your favorite magazine as well as the, hopefully, exciting book you are reading on the table. As you can see, an outdoor side table is an almost fundamental outdoor furniture if you own a hanging chair. But that is of course not the only outdoor furniture which needs a small outdoor side table next to it. You do not have to own a hanging chair for the small outdoor side table to be a crucial outdoor furniture. If you have a sunbed or an outdoor bench, maybe a beautiful outdoor sofa or actually any luxurious garden furniture then an outdoor side table will always stand perfectly next to it.

A wooden outdoor side table works everywhere

No matter which outdoor furniture you have or which colors and materials it is made in, then you should think about combining it with a wooden outdoor side table. If you have outdoor wood furniture, such as an outdoor sofa made in wickerwork. Then the wooden outdoor side table will keep the style of your outdoor area in a nature-like atmosphere. If you on the other hand own a metal outdoor bench. Then the wooden outdoor side table will add a more cozy and warm feeling next to the metal material. So, no matter what kind of outdoor furniture you own and no matter what your outdoor area looks like, then a wooden outdoor side table is the perfect choice for you.

Outdoor side tables from Hübsch, Sika Design and House Doctor Design

Here at enor HOME we only want to offer our customers the best things possible. That is why you find so many luxurious garden furniture at our page. The same applies when looking at our outdoor side tables. We have different designer garden furniture from wonderful designers and brands. This means that you only have excellent outdoor furniture to choose from. If you are looking for a wooden outdoor side table then House Doctor have designed a beautiful wooden outdoor side table. Which will suit you just right. With the House Doctor Table, Woodie, in nature, you can create a nice lounge setting on your patio or maybe terrace. The wooden outdoor side table is made in teakwood which makes it ideal as an outdoor wood furniture. Hübsch design have made an exquisite outdoor side table in metal. The Hübsch side table is very minimalistic in its design and is made in green metal. It looks great next to the Hübsch Green lounge chair in metal. They are in fact a pair from Hübsch design. Sika Design also have a lot of outdoor side tables for you to look at. For instance, they have designed the Sika Design Carlo Bar Trolley in Alu-Rattan. It is an exclusive outdoor side table for you who wants to give your outdoor space that extra twist. Which will make it even more special. The outdoor side table is made in Alu-Rattan which provides a nice warm atmosphere. Alu-Rattan is made from a new and innovative material that can withstand the outdoors much better. It is made from aluminium with woven art fiber. It works perfectly for serving drinks on your terrace when having a nice time with friends and family. And who does not want that? No matter what you are looking for in an outdoor side table, then you can be sure that you can find it in our selection of designer garden furniture. Whether you are on the lookout for a small outdoor side table or maybe a wooden outdoor side table. Then you should look through the designs you find above.